sugar beet equipment

Amity Technology has long been North America's leading manufacturer of sugar beet harvesting equipment. Over the past few years, strong sales in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China have made Amity Technology the global leader for sugar beet harvesting equipment. For years, farmers have appreciated the simplicity, functionality, and durability of Amity Technology's sugar beet equipment.

Crop Management


Amity Technology has always been on the cutting edge of agricultural technology. Amity Technology is currently involved in manufacturing several Crop Management products.

Our Crop Management Division consists of Soil Samplers, Soil Labs, Compaction Mapping, Air-Tram Tramlines and Nitro-Bars. Each of these products can help farmers cut costs and increase yields in today’s agricultural economy. All of our Crop Management Tools will assist farmers/agronomists in efficient agronomic practices to meet todays agricultural challenges in fertility/soil management.

Air Seeding Equipment


Following in the tradition of Concord Air Seeding Equipment, Amity Technology has a history of developing innovative seeding equipment for conventional and no-till seeding applications. Our Air Till, Air Double Disc, and Single Disc Drills have positioned Amity Technology worldwide as leaders in air seeding equipment.

Air Carts


Amity Technology Air Carts allow farmers the ability to deliver seed and fertilizer with precision and gentle handling of the product. With the option of ground drive or variable rate meters, variable NH3 control and compatibility with all mapping application technologies, our Air Carts are adaptable to any seeding or fertilizer applications. Its stainless steel tanks, meters, and metering components provide a durable, very low maintenance and retains its new appearance.

Contract Manufacturing


Amity Technology offers custom manufacturing for a limited number of clients at its facilities in Fargo, North Dakota.

Amity Technology is the market leader in manufacturing sugar beet harvesting equipment with its original management and owners in place since April 1979. With our seasoned workforce we have built a wide variety of industrial, farm, transportation, recreation equipment, and parts.

Wil-Rich Tillage


Amity Technology is involved in the manufacturing of Wil-Rich tillage products. Located 40 miles south of Fargo in Wahpeton, ND, Wil-Rich is a sister company of Amity Technology, and is one of North America's leading manufacturers of tillage equipment and planter bars.

Visit the Wil-Rich website for more information about Wil-Rich products.

If you are located outside of North America, contact Amity Technology for more information about purchasing Wil-Rich products.

Potato Equipment


Amity Technology is the distributor for Lockwood-Harriston-Mayo potato equipment in Europe and CIS countries.

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